Signs That You’re a Judgmental Person and How to Change This Habit ? An article in Psychology Today best describes […]


Signs That You’re a Judgmental Person and How to Change This Habit ?

An article in Psychology Today best describes what it means to be judgemental: “Someone is being judgmental when their judgments are power-driven, unempathetic, based on their own idiosyncratic values or tastes, overly based on other people’s character, and are closed, shallow, pessimistic, and ultimately have the consequence of making the other person feel problematically diminished.”
Human likes to judge, this is our nature. HOWEVER, when the critisism aims to Distroy rather than Build, here, we can say that this person is judgemental and is spreading negative energy.
Judgemental attitudes increase in
homogenious closed societies where people are more likely to be close-minded; thats to say: Rarely accepting other’s differences.
Also, Collective fear stimulates the instinct of the herd, and this fear tends to produce ferocity, towards those who are not considered as individuals within the herd ,,, that’s why judgements increase in societies that are controled by fear..
Judgmentalism as a defense mechanism benefits us in a number of ways by:

-Making us feel superior (self-righteous), therefore giving us (false) self-worth.
-Avoiding our own faults by pointing them out in others

What are the signs that show you’re a judgemental person?

-You aren’t focusing on yourself; too busy valuaing others.
-You don’t accept people who are different from you.
-You have built and possess a ‘moral rating system‘ working in your favor, however.
-You don’t see beyond other people’s flaws.
-You don’t tolerate ambiguity or uncertainty.
-You jump to conclusions.
-You engage in Black Or White Thinking; so you believe people are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
-You have a low self-esteem.
-You want others to be consistent all the time.
-You neither appreciate nor see the beauty in others.
-You are overly pessimistic about everything that happens in your life.
-You are a strong critic of others and yourself.
-You are suspicious, untrusting, and anxious when you are around other people.
-You often tell others how to “Fix” or “Improve” Things.
-You’re a Perfectionist.
-You focus on specific traits of others, forgetting their other good ones.
-You’re living in a society or environment that is controlled by fear

How To Change This Habit ?
1-Mindfully explore yourself and your views
2-Accept your imperfect nature
3-Avoid jumping to conclusions as much as you can
4-Train yourself to posses a healthy criticism
5-Accept other people’s differences or uncertainity
6-Look deeper into people’s attitudes and situations
7-Critisize your judgementalism
8-Avoid being sharp in your judges
9-Trust yourself and know your worth
10-Dont wait for people full consistency
11-Train your mind to see the beauty in yourself and in others
12-Be mercyful with others and yourself
13-Train yourself to seperate your own background and experiences from others’
14-Do not envy people, instead, learn from them to improve yourself
15-Learn to enjoy the imperfections of yourself and of others.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

علامات تدل على أنك شخص مُبالِغ في إصدار الأحكام:

-لا تركز على نفسك؛ مشغول جدا في تقييم الآخرين
-لا تقبل الأشخاص الذين يختلفون عنك.
-تملك “نظام تصنيف أخلاقي” وتعتقد أنّه يعمل لصالحك
-لا ترى ما وراء عيوب الآخرين
-يسوء ظنّك عند الغموض أو عدم يقينك للأشخاص
-تخلق الاستنتاجات بسرعة
– تنجرف في التفكير الأسود أو الأبيض؛ لذلك تعتقد أن الناس إما “جيدون” بالكامل أو “سيئون”بالكامل
-لديك تقدير متدني لذاتك
-مُتطلّب كثيراً بشأن الالتزام التام من قبل الآخرين تجاهك
-لا تقدر ولا ترى الجمال في الآخرين
-متشائم للغاية بشأن ما يحدث في حياتك
-تنتقد نفسك والآخرين بشدّة
-تكون كثير الشّك وقلق عندما تكون بالقرب من أشخاص جدد
-غالبًا ما تخبر الآخرين بكيفية “إصلاح” أو “تحسين” الأشياء
-منشد للكمال بحدّيّة
– تركز على سمات معينة في الآخرين، متناسياً صفاتهم الجيدة الأخرى
-تعيش في مجتمع أو بيئة يسيطر عليها الخوف.

كيف تغيّر هذه العادة ؟

1-اكتشف نفسك ووجهات نظرك بعناية
2-تقبل طبيعتك الغير مثالية
3-تجنب خلق الاستنتاجات بقدر ما تستطيع
4-درب نفسك على النقد السليم
5-تقبل اختلافات الآخرين أو غموضهم
6- انظر بعمق أكثر في مواقف الناس وأوضاعهم
7- انتقد نقدك الزّائد
8- تجنب أن تكون حاد في أحكامك
9- ثق بنفسك واعرف قيمة ذاتك
10- لا تطلب الإلتزام التّام من النّاس
11- درب عقلك على رؤية الجمال في نفسك وفي الآخرين
12- ارحم الآخرين ونفسك
13- درب نفسك على فصل خلفيتك وخبراتك عن الآخرين
14- لا تحسد الناس، بل تعلم منهم لتحسين نفسك
15- تعلم أن تتعايش مع عيوبك وعيوب والآخرين.


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