Baby Star (Silver Store). A New Membership is Making it Happen!

Baby Star launched in February 2021 as an Basic Account at Tjara. Instantly after the registration, they got a remarkable number of daily inquiries due to the following:

1- The store was actively listing items on Tjara without stopping for long periods.

2- The store activated the Discount and Auctions features that boosted their sales.

3- Baby Star has been sponsoring  Live Contests at Tjara which lead to a huge traffic to their online store by pushing Ads.

4- Choosing a clear and accurate title that can best describe the item and help in driving users to view it.

5- As clothing and shoes store, Baby Star is taking advantage from the Variation Feature by enabling users to select the exact size of shoes or clothing.

6- Utilizing all the above features and satisfying the customer’s demand, Baby Star is gaining important Reviews from Tjara buyers.

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